A 3-day trip is enough to take in most of all the wonders amidst the forests of the Bardiya National Park. Located along the Western Nepal, this National Park is home to hundreds of endangered species. They say it is ruled by the rare Royal Bengal Tigers, which visitors get to observe up close. The national park carries a deep historical significance along with its natural allure, making it an ideal destination to achieve by the weekend. The park is neatly tucked in the plains of the Bardiya district of the Lumbini Province.

Before its official establishment in 1988, it was known as the Royal Karnali Wildlife Reserve which was inhabited by hundreds of wildlife species. It was changed to be a National Park once the necessity of actions to preserve species that were discovered to be very few in population. Today it takes up more than 950 square kilometers and is the largest National Park in the Tarai Region. The area is endless acres of vast, undisturbed areas.

Bardiya National Park is famous for its rich and remarkable biodiversity. It is home to over 30 different mammal species, including the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger, one-horned rhinoceros, wild elephants, swamp deer, blackbuck, and more. There also resides 513 species of birds, including endangered species such as the Bengal Florian and Sarus crane, making it a paradise for birdwatchers. In different seasons, migratory birds from the west come by to rest up in the tall trees, especially during the winter. The park also shelters several species of reptiles and amphibians, including snakes, lizards, and fish, adding to its ecological significance. From the middle of the park, the Karnali River flows. If it’s your lucky day, you may even be able to elusive Gangetis dolphins fluttering their way with the water waves.

The park’s significance extends beyond its natural beauty, playing a vital role in the conservation of endangered species and the preservation of delicate ecosystems. In the past decades, the park has done an incredible job in multiplying the population of once sensitively rare Bengal Rigers, with efforts focused on protecting their habitat and prey. Along with that, one-horned rhinos from the Chitwan National Park were also relocated after studying the feasibility of preservation. The park is abundant in Savannah forests and grasslands.

As you journey towards Bardiya, the scenic flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj sets the stage for your wilderness adventure. You will get to explore different areas of the park through jungle walks, elephant rides, and the fan-favourite, Jungle Safaris. The Karnali-Chisapani bridge will take you to the hidden Tharu Villages where locals make wholesome efforts to add the mystics of their cultural dances, costumes, local handicrafts, as well as lifestyle in general to the wonders of the forest. The Tharus are the native indigenous tribes who have been residing in the for centuries. Their legends recite how they were brought to the forests by the gods to protect the forests and restore nature’s moral code.

At the core, the Bardiya National Park is an idyllic location offering a series of endless adventures into the wild. Whether you are a wildlife enthusiast and have a passion for observing the wild up close in their natural habitat, or you are looking for a peaceful getaway away from the city chaos, a short weekend trip to the wild, wild Bardiya is all you need.

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