Mount Everest – The tallest mountain in the world. There might only be a handful of people who would refrain themselves from catching a glimpse of this awe-inspiring gift of nature.

The exclusive option for non-trekkers who aspire to descry the perfection of Everest is to go for a mountain flight. However, it would be skeptical to many if said that you can get a sight of Everest through conveyance medium too. But here’s a fact! It is possible to observe this majestic sight from the border between Okhaldhunga and Solukhumbu; Patale. Weather permitting, the view of Mount Everest along with a dozen ranges of Himalayas can be looked up to from Patale. However, the distinction of these mountains with respect to the names seems a bit out of hand. This is because of the lack of notice boards and informative mediums regarding the names and details in Patale. 

The view of sun rising and smiling to Everest from Patale is so heartwarming

Promotions and advertisements are neglected aspects resulting in the backlash of prospective tourism in the area. “No signs of concerns or appeal for promotion to the government have been noted from the locals of this area. Meanwhile, I believe if proper information channel is established for promotion and there are proper labels of Himalayas, there is a high scope of increasing tourism in Patale,” opined a resident of Dhulikhel, Ajay Shah. “I was not aware of the view of Mt. Everest from the valley” he continued with surprise. “I shall visit again but with family this time”

An eight-hour ride from one of the busiest local markets in Kathmandu i.e. Koteshwor leads you to Patale. Koteshwar also facilitates local bus service to the destination. Patale is well equipped with food and accommodation facilities for tourists in the area. The landscape presentation from Sinduli highway is like the “icing the cake” to the gracious journey to Palate. The highway is another destination for internal tourism. 

People who dwell in adventure, be it a foreigner or Nepali have been traveling the Sindhuli highway as a casual escape out annually. 

Ajay Shah recommends the best time to visit Patale is in the early morning. “The view of the sun rising and smiling to Everest from Patale is so heartwarming.” The golden sparkling snow of the Himalayan ranges looks like they are thanking the rays of the sun in honor. The valley brightens up to these golden lights of the mountains. “We reached a moment after the sunrise. Our friends explained the view and we realized what we missed” exclaimed Shah in bit disappointment. He assures that he will not miss the sunrise on his next visit. A place normally known for cool breezes can be taken as an escape out of burning heat in summer and to play with snow in the winters.

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