There are several methods of treatment in the world. Treatment can also be performed using music to improve health. As termed as the 'literature of heart', music helps people to be hopeful combating stress. According to Musical Instrument Specialist, Healing Bowls, Tingshas, and Bells are widely used instruments for the mind’s treatment.Healing-Master-Sudip-Lamsal

Sudip Lamsal, the healing master has confined healing bowls to be the essential tool eliminating migraine, depression, patellofemoral pain, and sleeping problems. In the present context, healing bowls are also referred to by singing bowls. Placing the huge bowl in the head and striking it with the drumstick produces pleasant music with waves. Waves possess certain energies that help in healing. Moreover, standing on the bowl and striking it with the drumstick benefits the whole body. The regular one-week treatment has the power to heal the disease, says Lamsal. Healing Bowls come in different sizes with “Om Mani Padme Hum” imprinted on it. The bowl is shaped by heating copper, tin, lead, iron, gold, silver, and mercury at 300 degrees. The actual price of this bowl lies between Rs 3,000 - 60,000.

Healing Bowls, Tingshas and Bells are widely used for mind’s treatment. It has been gaining popularity among Nepalese too.

Similarly, Tingshas which are played in various festivals helps to reduce stress and alleviates depression. The price ranges from Rs 500 to 10,000 as per the quality.

Bell is another popular instrument that provides a certain kind of relaxation to the soul. In the village, there is a belief that a ghost runs away with the sounds of a bell and shell. Ringing bell in the morning and evening has a good impact on body, mind, and soul.hyali---tingshas-music-instrument.

Music therapies are becoming popular and the market of healing bowls, tingshas, and bells is rising every day. Germans took them useful during sound therapy and massage. The popularity and demand for such an instrument are slowly being visible in several Asian countries.

Lamsal who is involved in healing music for the past 40 years says, “Healing bowls are becoming popular in Nepal”. He is one of the producers of Healing Bowls. His factory and shops are located in Patan. His shop “Tibetan Singing Bowl Center” is located on the way of Banglamukhi Temple from Patan Durbar Square. The factory is based in Chakupaat with around 24 workers. Lamsal is quite busy handling the shop and foreign demands.

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