COVID-19 spreads by respiratory droplets. These are breathed out particularly when the sick person coughs, sneezes or talks, the virus may be passed from hands to hands via recently touched surfaces. Based on the Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations from US CDC, “Transmission of novel coronavirus to persons from surfaces contaminated with the virus has not been documented. Transmission of coronavirus, in general, occurs much more commonly through respiratory droplets.

COVID-19 has become a pandemic and has affected all human beings. This protocol must be implemented to prevent and control the contagion affecting the customers of Buddha Holidays because this pandemic is set to stay for a protracted period. And we assure safe, clean and quality service to our guest so that we strictly follow and monitor each and every step as per the safety standard and instructions developed by Buddha Holidays taking reference from the WHO, health experts, government bodies& concerned authorities.

Buddha Holidays have selected only limited hotels and their shuttle services, monitoring each and every activity of our partner associates whether they have completely followed the safety procedure and guidelines. Buddha Holidays has been transparent from the very beginning so only 3 per cent service charge has been added with the motive to generate domestic tourism during this COVID Pandemic.


Airlines Procedure

  • Buddha Air has developed various safety procedures, aircraft will be thoroughly sanitized early in the morning and places passengers frequently touch like seat handles, trays, overhead handles, railing, toilets, etc. will be sanitized after every flight at all stations.
  • Passengers will wear the face mask continuously throughout the flight – before boarding to baggage collection and will provide an adequate amount of hand sanitizer throughout their journey.
  • All Buddha Air vehicles – transport vans, ramp buses and vans, etc. will be sanitized after every use and logged. All drivers will be trained to sanitize. The vehicle s/he is driving and it will be the responsibility of the driver on-duty to sanitize the vehicle.

To learn more about Buddha Airlines safety protocol against COVID-19, please visit https://www.buddhaair.com/


Transportation Procedure

  • Only the hotel shuttle service will be used as a means of transportation by Buddha Holidays.
  • Sanitize regular-touch vehicle components like Steering, gear, handrails, stanchions, grab rails, luggage rack and window panes amongst others after each completed travel.
  • Follow appropriate procedures and apply approved chemicals/equipment for disinfection/sanitization the vehicles.
  • Ensure each client applies the hand sanitizer prior to entering and leaving the vehicle and spray chemicals to the luggage before entering the vehicles.
  • Ensure the passengers maintain distance while collecting luggage and maintain distance in waiting areas.
  • We use one vehicle for one family and maintain social distance.
  • Vehicle staffs to carry the list of emergency contacts and shall alert the concerned authority in case of emergency.


Activities Procedure

It’s optional for now but if any operator wants to operate they can but must following the below safety protocol.

  • Provide COVID-19/ safety and hygiene orientation to the employees and maintain a distance of at least 1 meter with other staffs and guests whenever possible.
  • Take body temperature of guests after they arrive at the premises and encourage the use of handwashing/sanitizer before using any gears.
  • Activities Partners must monitor and disinfect to those objects which are mostly used and touched by the client.


Hotels Procedure

Every hotel where Buddha Holiday operates will have at least one person on property trained as Hygiene Personnel, who will be responsible for their hotel adhering to new sanitized operational guidance and protocols. This Safety Protocol is designed to ensure that the accommodation can protect the health of its staff and customers against transmission of the virus (including implementing hand sanitizer stations and frequent cleaning of high-touch areas), and procedures in case there is a suspected or confirmed case among our guests or colleagues and how to monitor and create isolation section.

  • Provide COVID-19/ safety and hygiene orientation to the employees and staffs.
  • The Management Team should establish an action plan tailored to the situation.
  • The area to be sanitized is to be sprayed by the diluted bleach solution and soaked for 2 to 5 minutes.
  • Communication and flow of information including signs about covid19 must be mandatory in the hotel premises. Labels like ‘Sanitized for you’ would need to be placed by the Housekeeping teams on all room elements like glassware, toiletries, etc.
  • Temperature screening of guests or use gun for measuring temperature and provide hand sanitizer to everyone before entering the property.
  • Special attention must be given to common areas (restrooms, halls, corridors, lifts, etc.) and objects that are frequently touched such as handles, elevator buttons, handrails, switches, doorknobs, etc.
  • The hotel must monitor and take regular updates of technical and maintenance services such as Air conditioning, dispensers, dishwashing, and laundry equipment using various sprays and disinfecting substances.
  • The hotel must set the table setting at least 1m from each other in places such as restaurants, dining rooms and bars.
  • In Hotel, elevator rides must limit to guest per car and spray on baggage before entering the hotel rooms.
  • The hotel must set new rules of cleanness for delivery of foods and edible beverages.
  • The hotel must create mandatory isolation room within the hotel premises and hotel staff will monitor and take frequent details or counsel the guest to get more information before evacuating them to the hospitals. And all the activities must be carried out with professionalism so that the virus won’t further escalate.


We recommend our clients to use the restaurants of the hotels itself which have been booked or the dedicated outlets which confirm to hygiene guidelines as prescribed by the government/health authorities and safety guideline provided by Buddha Holidays.



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