For the spirited and courageous ones, it is all about feeling accomplished by overcoming the savagery imposed by nature. For those adventure seekers, there is no place better than Nepal for a raw and unadulterated adventure experience. 

Nepal seems like an artist’s muse. The mighty mountains towards the north, breathtaking hills and rivers in its bosom, and gracious plains in the south are landscapes of dreams. Nepal is blessed with mighty roaring rivers, eight of the world’s highest mountains, and soul-soothing flora and fauna enough for any adventure. Here are 10 of the most thrilling adventure sports for the brave souled to try in Nepal.

1. Mountaineering to the Himalayas

There are around 1300 peaks in Nepal, of which, 326 are open to mountaineering. The mighty Mt. Everest is one of them. The mountain expedition requires a hefty lot of passion and dedication. A person has to go through training and be certified before attempting. The challenging journey to the base and the mountain is not everyone’s cup of tea. But for those who even just reach the base will have achieved immeasurable contentment!

2. Trekking

Nepal is well known around the world for trekking. The trails and routes lead you from green vegetation, waterfalls, and sounds of chirping birds to places so serene and pristine that they mesmerize you. Trekking in Nepal is not just walking around with your backpack but an exploration that promises you all the best nature has to offer. The numerous treks in Nepal have been categorized according to regions they fall in, the Everest and Annapurna regions are the best and most popular due to the incomparable panoramic views they offer.

3. Jungle safari

Just like how the Himalayan region is famous for mountaineering, Nepal’s plains are popular for wildlife jungle safari. Nepal has 9 national parks, 3 wildlife reserves, 3 conservation areas, and 1 hunting reserve in several ecological zones of the country.

The Jungle safari includes elephant ride safari, canoe rides, nature walks, birds watching excursions, and quick tours around the villages to discover the unique culture and traditions of the local village people. Cultural entertainment performed by locals is yet another highlight of your wildlife jungle safari trip in Nepal.


4. Paragliding

At times when life gives us tough situations, we wish we had a pair of wings so that we could fly away from everything to a place where it’s only us and the blue skies. Why not paraglide? Well, when in Nepal, you can have an amazing paragliding experience unparalleled to any other place. Pokhara is considered to be the best paragliding place in Nepal. It gives magnificent views of the Machhapuchhre above and pristine Phewa Lake below. It seems as though the world has stood still for you. The 15 minutes flight takes you about 300m above the ground, offering the best flying experience fenced by the mountains and cool breeze.

5. Mountain Biking

This sport is not for those who like cycling on smooth roads and favorable altitudes. Mountain biking as the name suggests requires you and your cycle to experience the deadliest routes alongside enthralling views. As you pedal your way through the hills, you will get a chance to acquaint yourself with rural culture and lifestyles along with nature’s beauty.

Mountain biking is quite famous in Nepal among both domestic and international tourists. The bike journey usually starts off from Kathmandu and ends towards the Himalayas. Tournaments like the MTB  Cross country championship welcome cyclists from around the world for an unparalleled cycling experience in the wild.


6. Skydiving

As insane as it sounds, this adventure calls for all the guts in the world as they experience of jumping out of a plane from a height you cannot think of is surreal. Skydiving, however soothing and easy the word sounds, the decision of doing it will require some major strength and will power.

Of course, there are many places in the world for skydiving, but, why Nepal? The height that any man can stand on earth is in Nepal - Mt. Everest. Also known as  ‘The Everest Skydive’, the world’s highest aerial commercial event is a free fall from 23000 ft into a space guarded by the Everest range. So, why not Nepal?

7. Bungee Jumping and Swing

There is hardly a Nepali youngster who has not said, “I want to bungee jump before I die!”  Bungee jumping is one of the most popular adventure sports in Nepal. For the best bungee spot in Nepal, you need to drive three hours from Kathmandu towards the Tibetan border. The bungee is a 160 meters drop from the bridge towards the roaring Bhote Koshi River.  Surrounded by lush, you take the leap of faith for a lifelong memory.

Similarly, the swing from this bridge is regarded as the world’s highest swing giving you the adrenaline rush with your partner, the same experience you might have had on the first date. It is a free fall of 100m of 240 arches at 150 km/hr. speed.

8. Rock Climbing

An adventure popular among youngsters, rock climbing is both fun and strength boosting task. One has to be physically and mentally rock-solid to be a rock climber. Rock climbing spots are located among hills and beautiful waterfalls overlooking the grandeur of the forest. The best natural rock climbing spots are located in the northern region (the Himalayas) - which demand your utmost focus and dedication. However, as someone rightly quoted, “The best views come with the hardest climbs.” 

9. Whitewater Rafting

As one of the countries abundant in water resources, Nepal is rich with freshwater bodies with rivers sourced by the Northern Himalayas. Not every river in the world is suitable for rafting, but the ones that have the velocity and current in them are pretty dreamlike to water adventurers.

Nepal has rivers flowing with rapids, suitable for all levels of rafters. The Bhote Koshi and Trishuli are the major rivers popular among rafters for an awakening rafting experience. You not only raft in the river but have rich greenery and diverse landscape that tone down your adrenaline to a little extent by soothing your eyes.

10. Ziplining

Ziplining is a crazy yet entertaining adventure for the seekers of madness in life. This sport initially started as a means of transportation which developed into an idea for a crazy adventure to some enthusiasts. The science was then used to fuel their adrenaline needs.

The Ziplining flight in Nepal is located at Pokhara. The flight is from a height of 2000 ft. at a speed of 100 miles per hour. It will take you to a closer view of the Annapurna and Machhapuchhre range as you descend down the green hills and eventually to the lowlands.

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