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Kathmandu Valley Tour (3 nights, 4 days)

Blessed with the densest concentration of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Kathmandu Valley is a treasure trove of religious, cultural, and architectural heritage.  It’s pagoda-roofed temples, squares choking with sculptures, sites that are holy to both Hindus and Buddhists, and countless festivals evoke Rudyard Kipling’s famous line, ‘The strangest dreams of Kew are the facts of Kathmandu.’ 


    Day 01 Arrival in Kathmandu

    Assistance at the airport upon arrival and transfer to hotel.

    Day 02 Visit Patan Durbar Square, Kathmandu Durbar Square and Swayambhunath

    Breakfast at hotel, full day sightseeing of Patan Durbar Square, Kathmandu Durbar Square & Swayambhunath.
    ***(Optional Everest Experience Mountain Flight - Fly with us to the top of the world, and indulge in the majestic views of Himalayas of Nepal, including Mt. Everest.)***
    After enjoying a hearty breakfast at the hotel, you’ll visit Patan Durbar Square
    Patan Durbar Square is a medieval palace that serves as a museum, livings are made by fashioning Gods, festivals are held in the same courtyards where at other times, children play football. Don’t miss the opportunity to enter the low, anonymous doorways.
    After which, you’ll be going to Kathmandu Durbar Square. A living goddess, known as a Kumari resides at this durbar square. At Kathmandu Durbar Square, you’ll experience wonders, eccentricities, and diversity of Nepali temples. Take a trip back in time when you enter Hanuman Dhoka Palace. Inside, there are residential quarters of kings of the Malla Dynasty (1200 - 1769 A.D). When Nepal was a kingdom, kings were crowned at Hanuman Dhoka.
    Take a break and enjoy lunch and shopping at Kathmandu Durbar Square.
    In the evening, you’ll visit Swayambhunath. The white domed stupa with its all-seeing eyes of Lord Buddha beckons you. From the top of Swayambhunath Stupa, you get to see panoramic views of Kathmandu Valley. Both Hindus and Buddhists visit Swayambhunath and are one of the best places to observe religious harmony.
    Enjoy an authentic and organic dinner at Bhojan Griha. Along with dinner, there’ll be Nepali folk music and dances.

    Day 03 Visit Changu Narayan and Bhaktapur Durbar Square

    Breakfast at hotel with full day sightseeing of Changu Narayan Temple and Bhaktapur Durbar Square
    Rise up early in the morning, and visit Changu Narayan Temple. Dating back to over 3000 years, Changu Narayan Temple is believed to be one of the oldest temples of Nepal. Steeped in religious and architectural history, you’ll be received by Hindu idols that are over 1000 years old.
    After admiring the skilled craft of the metal, wood, and  stones of Changu Narayan Temple, you’ll head over to Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Bhaktapur truly lives up to its name of ‘City of Devotees’. Its square is filled with religious temples and medieval ponds like Nyatapola Temple, 55 Window Palace, Gold Gate Temple Siddha Pokhari, etc. Walking through the cobbled alleys of Bhaktapur Durbar Square is a nostalgic trip back to simpler times.
    Savor an authentic  Nepali lunch at Bhaktapur Durbar Square and head back to the hotel, where you have the option to rest or shop around.

    Day 04 Pashupatinath and Guheshwori Darshan

    Breakfast at Hotel, and visit Guheshwori and Pashupatinath for Darshan.
    Regarded as a Shakti Peetha, Guheshwori Temple was built by King Pratap Malla in the 17th century. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvati (wife of Lord Shiva). It is considered an important Hindu pilgrimage destination. After Guheshwori Temple, you will make your way to Pashupatinath Temple. Pashupatinath is one of Nepal’s important Hindu Temple. The present pagoda style temple was constructed in 1696 A.D. The Pashupatinath Temple complex resembles a life-size collage of life: faith, generosity, poverty, life, death mingle here in an unceasing flow.
    Enjoy a light lunch at the hotel and get ready for departure. 

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    The best time to visit?
    March – May and then September to early November are the best times to visit, weather wise. For major festivals, the best times are the monsoon months (June-August).

    Kathmandu is hot from March to May. September is cool with chances of rain, so carrying umbrellas is wise. Avoid dresses that reveal too much of your body.  

    The minimum duration of a tourist visa to Nepal is fifteen days and costs $25.

    What to do when inside temples and monasteries?
    Most places that forbid entry to foreigners carry signboards stating this, so look for them. Although religious buildings are sites of historical and artistic appeal, they are above all places of worship. Do not act in any way – excessive photography, talking loudly, wearing shoes into prayer rooms – that impinges on the activities of the priests or devotees.

    Documents and IDs
    Forms for most things – cell phone sim cards, visa extensions, hotel forms – in Nepal require passport size photos, so bring a dozen or more. Your passport is your ID while in Nepal. Carry it everywhere.

    There are ample hospitals in Kathmandu. Some of the most modern ones are Norvic, Grande, and B & B.

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    Package Includes

    • Transport, pick-up, and drop
    • Sightseeing
    • Hotel accommodation (Hotel with B&B Basis)
    • Entrance fee for: Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Swambhunath, Bouddhanath and Patan

    Package Excludes

    • Airport tax for international flight during departure
    • Visa fee at the International Airport
    • Laundry
    • Personal expenses
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